The penthouse costs 3.15 million euros, or around 13,700 euros per square meter.

A premium property from a purchase price of one million euros is defined by the selected location. This is accompanied by a spectacular, unobstructed view. In the case of detached villas, a large plot of land is part of it, as buyers value protected privacy. The architecture should also be appealing and impressive."

Luxury in Stuttgart

The spectacular high-rise apartment building is recently in Stuttgart "Cloud No.7" Finished in the best downtown location. A 500 square meter apartment with an all-round view on the 18th floor, three balconies and a terrace of 140 square meters sold for more than seven million euros. "Nowadays, interested parties can expect at least two fully equipped bathrooms, balconies, and houses with a terrace and garden – all generously dimensioned" Daniel Ritter enumerates "Fireplaces and a wellness area are also welcome. As with almost all new buildings, condominiums should have an elevator, as well as balconies or a roof terrace. In any case, parking spaces are essential. The age-appropriate interior design is also important for many interested parties."

That fits the high-rise apartment building "Onyx west end" in Frankfurt. In the elegant Westend district near the city center and the banking district, a 464 square meter apartment on the twelfth floor fetched 6.4 million euros. The properties are in great demand: Because there are no building permits for further residential high-rise buildings in the Westend – so the fantastic view is retained. The buyers get a lot on offer: a sophisticated security concept, a real concierge, on request also paintings by the artist and gallery owner Sarit Lichtenstein as well as unusual bathtub models, unusual fittings and the finest parquet floors.

Competition for the best location

The penthouse with 860 square meters of living space and 320 square meters of roof terrace is even a little more expensive: The modest home at the top costs about 15 million euros, the equivalent of 18,000 euros per square meter. The somewhat cheaper apartments on the lower floors were sold right from the start, says press spokeswoman Maria Lang. In addition to size and equipment, the location above the ground determines the status and thus also the price. Maria Lang reports that there is a competition among the lawyers of the top international law firms in the high-rise buildings in the banking district. This is now continuing with the luxury apartments – the higher, the better – and more expensive.

Even the capital, previously known for cheap living, is at the forefront: the famous designer Philippe Starck has the project "Yoo Berlin" designed with 95 exclusive apartments on the Spree in Berlin-Mitte. The buyer can choose from four equipment lines designed by the star designer. Inside you live with a private day spa, a wellness and fitness area including a pool, a lobby, atrium lounge with bar and café and underground parking. The real estate company von Poll is offering an extravagantly designed, 230 square meter penthouse with a wide view of the capital. The domicile is located on the 8th floor and has four spacious rooms, three bathrooms and a roof terrace with a view. The penthouse costs 3.15 million euros, or around 13,700 euros per square meter.

Such prices can currently only be achieved in a few large cities: "Living in the city is generally in vogue, people today are looking for the urban environment with the appropriate infrastructure" knows real estate expert knight. "All major German cities are therefore in demand, with Munich, Berlin and Hamburg at the top. In Frankfurt, residential towers are moving into the focus of the premium clientele, and classic city villas are still in demand in established districts."

No immense returns in prospect

However, according to Daniel Ritter, such magnificent apartments will not necessarily generate superb returns in the future: "The factor of stable value plays a role for our premium customers, because it is foreseeable that the pull into the cities will continue" he says and emphasizes: "As far as returns are concerned, however, we are observing that price increases are weakening in the top locations. Buyers are no longer willing to pay any price. This has an impact on the return prospects." But you can also just live inside, enjoy the view, use the wellness area, relax on the terrace. This return is distributed daily. See the top properties in our photo show.

When summer comes, you can cool off in the water: But the municipal swimming pool and the quarry pond are hopelessly overcrowded, the sea too far. There is only one thing left: out into the garden and running into your own pool. But what does a pool or a swimming pond cost? Which technology is necessary? WANTED.DE explains how to do it.

Pool or swimming pond
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Come home, jump in, cool off: the swimming pool in the garden makes the summer twice as beautiful. But the cheapest option is not suitable for powerful swimming strokes: the above-ground pool. It is simply placed on the floor. But what sounds so straightforward can cost a lot of money.

Medium-sized above-ground pools from 5000 euros

The simple pool or pond formula applies: the bigger, the more expensive. A medium-sized above-ground pool with accessories can quickly add up to 5000 to 8000 euros; a buried swimming pool is available from around 10,000 euros – not including the running costs for electricity and chemicals. A swimming pond with aquatic plants and reeds growing on the edges is more stylish. It costs from around 12,000 to 15,000 euros – if you can completely install it. Self-made brand it is available for 3000 euros.

More technology topics

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The installation surface must be perfectly level

Even with the above ground pool, it is important to prepare the floor on which it is to stand. Only small pools can be placed on the lawn where children can splash around – otherwise the ground has to be dug due to the heavy weight. If you want to swim in it, the pool needs a water depth of 1.30 to 1.50 meters. In this case it is buried at about half its height so that the walls can withstand the water pressure for years. Regardless of whether it is large or small: the installation surface must be perfectly level. The ground under the pool is insulated with special polystyrene so that the cold earth does not cool the water.

Water heating needs a lot of electricity

Now the pool needs an inner liner that protects against sharp stones, a water pump, a sand filter and boiler, one "Skimmer" which removes leaves and dirt from the water surface, as well as a floor vacuum. In addition, there is the cover of the pool and the installation of a water heater. That has a big impact on the electricity bill – by around 300 to 1000 euros per year. If you also install solar panels for this, it saves a lot of money in the long run. However, only chlorine helps against algae, the content of which in the water must be regularly adjusted. To do this, the pool must be cleaned regularly and the pumps cleaned and serviced. In winter, the water is drained, including a general overhaul.

All this also applies to the classic pool, which is dug into the meadow. The pool and accessories are often the same as for the above ground pool, but first the soil is excavated with the excavator and transported away by truck, and the edges and the base are poured from concrete. Then the pool made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) is let in, fixed by the pool builder, the technology integrated and connected. For this purpose, the edges are attached and tiled all around. That quickly costs several thousand euros, depending on the size.

Swimming pond without chemicals

"A pool would be too boring for me. It looks like the municipal swimming pool, but I can only swim three or four times at most, ”says Wolfram Franke skeptically. The former editor-in-chief of the garden magazine "herb & Beets" has dealt with bathing ponds since the 1980s and has written several guide books about them. His title "Swimming ponds – planning, installation, technology, planting, maintenance" was published a few weeks ago in a completely revised new edition by BLV-Verlag. Sure, he created an eight by eight meter pond in his garden himself – with little help from a pond builder. He only planned it to cool off, not for sporty swimming. After six weeks of hard work, it only cost him around 3000 euros. Compared to the GRP swimming pool, this concept has many advantages: The swimming pond needs neither concrete nor chemicals in the water – but a little more space. After the pond pit has been excavated, the pool is only created using a special plastic sheeting, the edges of which are delimited with wooden palisades.

Blooming water lilies

Specially placed plants that need the nutrients of the algae to grow grow in the shallow water of the bank areas. The resulting bacteria further reduce their nutrition. The water is constantly moving to the edges and back due to the bathers, the wind and submerged birds. "Algae are created by heat and a high nutrient content in the water. The plants prevent them. This means that no technology, no chemicals and no electricity is required." In addition, it is wonderful to look at blooming water lilies and other plants."That totally relaxes me" enthuses Wolfram Franke. In addition, the aquatic plants would merge the pool and garden into one unit – no right angles, no concrete.

Swimming pond: construction takes several weeks

However, it takes a few weeks after creation for the biological equilibrium between the water and the plants to be established. Unlike in the pool, the water stays in in winter and is only protected against autumn leaves with a net. Franke recommends using rainwater or groundwater to fill the pond or pool. "Rainwater collected in tons is best, let it settle for a few days. It’s lime-free, wonderful" he recommends. Groundwater can also be filled in instead of expensive water from the tap. However, it should be checked for pollutants beforehand – especially if you live in agricultural regions. "The nitrate content can be drastically excessive."

It is essential to pay attention thai bridal to the regulations on building permits

If the pool or pond does not exceed 100 cubic meters, it can be built in Germany without a building permit. This roughly corresponds to a pool with a size of five by twelve meters and a depth of 1.50 meters. But be careful: Depending on the state and municipality, the details can be different. It is therefore important to check with your local building authority before starting construction.

Buying a swimming pool: An above-ground pool ensures fun in every garden

What does the insurance cover?

A call to the insurance company also makes sense, because the pool must be included in the building insurance. Here it comes down to the details: Does it pay if the pumps and filters are rendered unusable by the mud of a storm? Oh yes: A fence at least 1.20 meters high around the garden is also necessary to secure yourself. Because even if children come onto the property without permission and have an accident in the pool when the homeowner is absent, the owner is liable. Therefore, the following applies to pool builders: First plan in detail, then jump in and relax.

The best-known meat substitute is tofu. You can get it in different flavors: natural, smoked, with nuts, vegetables, peppers, and much more. Tofu is practically universally applicable, it can be fried, deep-fried, grilled, boiled, baked, marinated, pureed and smoked.